Last (fourth) prototype to experiment with children!


Currently, there are 6 different functions, selected by the therapist through the tablet:

function 1: this is the default +ME behaviour. Each paw, if touched, emits a different light and a brief sound.
function 2: one random paw emits a pulsating red light. If touched, the paw becomes green, and a rewarding sound is emitted.
function 3: if the +ME head is caressed (left to right), a rewarding pattern (light plus sound), is emitted.
function 4: a pattern of blue lights and a relaxing music is emitted.
function 5: the upper paws illuminate in green if touched in the same time.
function 6: The therapist can trigger a reward pattern (lights plus sound) throughout the tablet. The therapist can select among four different patterns.




In this test, the paws are activated by the touch, while the color of the lights are changed by the therapist through the tablet.


Designed by Beste Özcan

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